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Kurdish belongs to the Iranian languages, which make up the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European languages family(which includes Osset, Persian, Baloutchi, Tadjik etc). Kurdish is spoken in western Asia. The languages most closely related to Kurdish are Balochi, Gileki, and Talysh (they all belong to the northwestern branch of the Iranian languages).
Kurdish is spoken in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Kurdish has many different dialects and sub-dialects. Two general divisions are Sorani, which is called central Kurdish (including Dinawari Kurdish), and Badinani, which is called northern Kurdish.

The most important difference between Sorani and Badinan resides in the fact that Sorani is an accusative language while Badinani is ergative. Thus, in Sorani the verb invariably agrees with the subject, while in Badinani dialect, the syntactic pattern of transitive sentences in the past tenses is a typically ergative one in that the NP with which the verb agrees is not the agent but the goal.Sorani, which is spoken in Sulaimnyha in the north of Iraq, and Sinnha in the western part of Iran.

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