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Media Movers offers top-notch Closed Captioning compliant to 508, NIST SP800-171 WC3, FCC,DCMP, ADA & NAD’s mandates, rules, requirements and Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure).

Our inhouse transcription team ensures we deliver on time,high quality captions for :

- Real time(On-line) captioning (Live broadcast)
- Offline captioning (Pre-recorded captioning)
- Pop-On captioning (Pop-up | Block captioning)
- Roll-up captioning (Scroll-up | Scrolling)
- Timed roll up captioning
- Paint-on captioning
- Open captioning
- Foreign language captioning
- Event captioning
- Internet captioning (Web casting)

Media Movers has extensive experience in working with competent team to create a product that is of the highest quality and best suited to the needs of the actual end-users. Our core team of captioners are highly-qualified & well-trained whereby they are thorough in the captioning process & our quality check ensures a top-notch CC for your content viz Commercials,PSA,DVD,Home Video,Television programming,Theatrical Films,Live Event,Theatre, newscasts and governmental proceedings.

Closed Captioning files are delivered as per your required output formats & encoding is availabel in all media formats.

It is our endeavor to provide quality captions, accessible in multiple languages in all media formats, which caters to the diverse needs of entertainment, educational, commercial, and government programming.

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Closed Captioning jobs

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Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning

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