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Subtitling is the best choice for giving all aspects of film and video an international impact, allowing clients to market their film or product to other countries and cultures without compromising their original message.

We offer foreign language subtitling service in multiple media formats for streaming media, mobile tv, film, television, VOD, SVOD,Beta(HD/SD) & DVD in all foreign languages.

We can quickly and accurately prepare your scripts from audiotape, videotape or printed material. Our subtitle work is tailored to each particular project and we furnish highest quality subtitles in terms of readability, through font style and color as well as reading speed, and adaptation of language to each particular culture.

Captioning : Our competent team of captioners can provide open/Closed Captioninging in all languages. We can create a plain language stream /or stream for deaf and hard of hearing viewers (EnSDH) as per the broadcasters requirement.


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