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Urdu is a member of the Hindustani group of languages which is a subgroup of the Indo Aryan group of languages. The major difference between Urdu and Hindi is that Urdu is written in the Nasta'liq font of the modified Arabic script while Hindi is written in the Devanagari script.

Despite the fact that it is the national language Of Pakistan only 8% of the Pakistanis speak Urdu as their first language with about 48% speaking Punjabi as a mother tongue.

In India, Urdu is spoken as mother tongue by many inhabitants of the northern and central states. A large number of people use Urdu as their mother tongue in cities with large South Asian diasporas throughout the world.

Main dialects within Urdu language are Standard Urdu, Dakhini Urdu, Rekhta Urdu. Dakhini Urdu has less Persian and Arabic loans than standard Urdu. Rekhta Urdu is strictly used in poetry.

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