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We are a post-production facility specializing in transcription,translation,closed-captioning, subtitling,dubbing & audio-description for feature films,television content & other media.Being in the industry for over two decades we are accustomed to working under extremely tight deadlines with 100% accuracy.

We have the ability to transcribe any video or audio tape into text. We have transcribers with extensive experience in most subject matters. Our transcribers and translators are professionals in their linguistic skills and expertise. We transcribe and translate in multiple languages and for a broad range of clients.

We provide closed captioning solutions whereby we are committed to understanding and meeting the unique needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community as well as our clients individual needs. We find our clients all embrace value - they desire outstanding service at an affordable price. We are focused on meeting that need and delivering that value everyday.

Our aim is to create solid solutions that meet your objectives, strategy, deadlines and budget. We are committed to client satisfaction and manage all project details with precision.