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Maltese is a Semitic language spoken in Malta. It is essentially a dialect of Arabic, being closest to Tunisian and Algerian Arabic, but is different from the other Arabic dialects in that it has been under heaving influence of Italian and Sicilian for much of its history and due to the fact that Maltese is not influenced by Standard Arabic.

It is spoken by virtually all of Malta's 400,000 inhabitants, and by a significant number of emigrant speakers living in other countries, including 85,000 speakers in Australia.

Two varieties of Maltese can be identified. The first is that spoken by educated and middle class speakers in Valletta (the capital) and Sliema. Code-switching between Maltese and English is frequent among these speakers. The second variety is spoken in agricultural and industrial areas. This variety is more conservative, retaining certain sounds found in mainstream varieties of Arabic and retaining more vocabulary of Arabic origin.

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