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Karelian language (karjala, karjal or kariela) is a Finnic language spoken mainly in the Russian Republic of Karelia. It is a little-known member of the Finno-Ugrian language family,of which the better-known members are Finnish and Estonian. Key Dialects: Karelian Proper, which comprises North Karelian and South Karelian (including the Tver enclave dialects); and Olonets Karelian(Livvi). Karelian Proper can be divided further into Viena Karelian (or the northern dialects of Karelian Proper) and South Karelian (or the southern dialects of Karelian Proper).

No matter what your requirements are, each of our voice over talent is well experienced and “native”. We constantly update our talent pool through auditions conducted by our equally experienced directors.

Our voice over talents are actors and broadcasters with extensive backgrounds in advertising, theater, radio, TV and film with different range in age and vocal style to suit your specific needs.