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Kabyle (Taqbaylit) is a Berber language spoken by the Kabyle people in the north and northeast of Algeria. It is spoken primarily in Kabylie, east of Algiers, and in the capital Algiers, but also by various groups elsewhere. There are more than 5 million speakers of this language. Some other Berber dialects in Algeria include Tashawit (Chaoui); Tamzabit; Tamahaq; Tachenwit; and in Morroco Tashelhit and Tarifit varieties of Berber are spoken.
Algerian Berber languages are Kabyle (North), Chaouia (North), Chenoua (central and West), Mzab (Mzab region), and Touareg language. Kabyle (Taqbailit) has two key dialects: Petite Kabylie dialects (East) and Grand Kabylie dialects (center).

There is also some distinction between the spoken forms of the language. Spoken kabyle tends to vary from region to region. The written form is more or less constant throughout. Variations are observed at the west of Tizi Ghenif, Kabylie of the Djurdjura, Soummam valley and the zone starting from Bejaa to the east.

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