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Buriat is an Altaic language. It belongs to the Oirat-Khalkha group of the Eastern Mongolian subfamily. Other Mongolian languages include Mongolian and Kalmyk-Oirat.

Buriat (also spelled as Buryat) is spoken primarily in the region surrounding Lake Baikal in the republic of Buryatia, Russia. It is also spoken in northwestern China and northeastern Mongolia. Buriat is a Mongolian language, the only representative of this family in Siberia. Although it is influenced by Russian in many ways, it is most closely related to Khalkha Mongolian, spoken in Outer Mongolia, the Mongolian dialects spoken in Inner Mongolia and China, and Kalmuck, which is spoken in the Lower Volga region. The standard language is based on the speech of the Khori Buriats, the most numerous and culturally prominent group who inhabit the Transbaikalia region east of Lake Baikal, in the eastern half of the Buryatia republic.

In Russia, the nine principal dialects are Alar, Barguzin, Bokhan, Ekhirit-Bulgat, Khori, Nizneudinsk, Oka, Tunka, and Unga. The dialects of Buriat spoken in northwestern China are Bargu-Buriat and Aga. In northeastern Mongolia, the dialects Aga, Sartul, and Tsongol are spoken. Khori is the main dialect of both literary and colloquial Buriat.

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