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The Bosnian language (bosanski jezik) is one of the standard written versions of the Central South Slavic diasystem, formerly known as Serbo-Croatian. The language is used primarily by Bosniaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina and elsewhere. It is based on the Western variant of the Shtokavian dialect and uses the Latin alphabet.

Many argue that Bosnian should be called Bosniak or Bosniac, to avoid the impression that Bosnian is the sole official language of Bosnia and Hercegovina.

There are three major dialects of the central South Slavic continuum: Čakavian, Kajkavian, Štokavian, named for the different ways of saying "what" in these dialects – ‘ča', 'kaj', and 'što', respectively. Štokavian has three variants: Ekavian, Ikavian, and Ijekavian which is the most widely spoken forms the basis for Bosnian and Croatian, and Ekavian, which forms the basis for Serbian.

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