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Gulf Arabic (خليجي Khalījī or اللهجة الخليجية el-lahja el-Khalijiyya) is a variety of the Arabic language spoken in Eastern Arabia around the coasts of the Persian Gulf in Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, eastern Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iran and northern Oman. These dialects are mutually intelligible.

Gulf dialects differ in vocabulary, grammar and accent. There are many differences between Kuwaiti Arabic and the dialects of Qatar and UAE—especially in accent. All these varities of arabic are not codified and remain in constant state of flux of addition and removal of certain words.

Gulf arabic share a considerable number of semantic, syntactic, morphological and lexical features with Modern Standard Arabic but also some marked differences. The spoken Arabic is different between country to country and city to city. The greater geographic distance between countries, the greater is the difference between in spoken dialects. The difference between classical Arabic and Arabic dialects can be categorized into two main things: pronunciation and new vocabulary. In pronunciation, different Arabic speakers pronounce some letters differently than others.

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