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Modern Egyptian is the language spoken by most contemporary Egyptians. It is more commonly known locally as the Egyptian colloquial language or Egyptian dialect. Egyptian is a variety of the Arabic languages of the Semitic branch of the Afroasiatic language family.

Egyptian arabic is understood across most of the Arabic speaking countries due to the predominance of the Egyptian influence on the region as well as the Egyptian media, making it the most widely spoken and one of the most widely studied varieties of Arabic.

Key Dialect : Cairene. The difference between classical Arabic and Arabic dialects can be categorized into two main things: pronunciation and new vocabulary. In pronunciation, different Arabic speakers pronounce some letters differently than others. For example, the Arabic letter “j” is pronounced as “g” in Egyptian dialect. Another example is the word “window” in classic Arabic is “naf-e-tha”, in Egyptian dialect is “shub-bak”.

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