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Yiddish (ייִדיש, יידיש ) (mame-loshan) is the historical language of the Ashkenazi Jews. Ashkenaz is the Hebrew word used to refer to the Jews who settled in continental Western Europe thousand years back. Yiddish is Judeo-German, one of the Jewish languages of the Diaspora, like Spanish-Jewish or Jewish-Arabic which slowly declined after WW II era.

Yiddish has retained significance because Hasidic Jews, a branch of Ultra-Orthodox Jewry, continue to speak it fluently and transmit it intergenerationally, the language is nevertheless declining in common usage. It has heavy influence of medieval German, Hebrew and little of Slavic languages. Regional Dialects varies as per different regions: for e.g American Yiddish borrows from American English; French Yiddish borrows from French.

Key Dialects: Eastern Yiddish and Western Yiddish.

We have the latest technology available and highly qualified staff for professionally dubbing films for the entertainment, educational and corporate industry. We can lip-synch your dubbing project into Yiddish language. Our directors and actors, all native speakers, are assigned to each project according to the languages involved and to their area of expertise. Our translation and cultural adaptation always takes into consideration the country and public it is destined to reach.

We specialize in dubbing, subtitling, Voiceover, . transcription

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