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Chechen language, or ‘Noxçiyn mott’(Нохчийн Мотт), is an indigenous language of the North Caucasus, belonging to the Northeastern Caucasian language family, alternatively known as “Nakh-Dagestanian”. Within this family, Chechen belongs to the Nakh branch and is related closely to Ingush (Ghalghai mott) and Batsbi (Tsovah Tush). The Chechen language(Нохчийн Мотт)is spoken by more than 1 million people, mostly in Chechnya and across the world.

The Chechens call themselves Noxchi and their language Noxchiin Mott. The name Chechen comes from the town of Cheechan where the Russians first encoutered Chechen speakers.

There are several inter- dialects : Akkish, Chantish, Chebarloish, Malkhish, Nokhchmakhkakhoish, Orstkhoish, Sharoish, Shuotoish, Terloish, Itum-Qalish, and Himoish.. The dialects of the northern lowlands are often referred to as "Oharoy muott" (literally "lowlander's language") and the dialect of the southern mountain tribes is known as "Laamaroy muott" (lit. "mountainer's language"). Oharoy muott forms the basis for much of the standard and literary Chechen language, which can largely be traced to the regional dialects of Urus-Martan and contemporary Grozny.

Main dialects are Ploskost, Itumkala (Shatoi), Melkhin, Kistin, Cheberloi, Akkin (Aux).

We have the latest technology available and highly qualified staff for professionally dubbing films for the entertainment, educational and corporate industry. We can lip-synch your dubbing project into Chechen language. Our directors and actors, all native speakers, are assigned to each project according to the languages involved and to their area of expertise. Our translation and cultural adaptation always takes into consideration the country and public it is destined to reach.

We specialize in dubbing, subtitling, Voiceover, . transcription

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